Update to UNL

Update to UNL

The Foundation is making an unscheduled update to the UNL it publishes. While it is not ideal to reduce the numbers of UNL validators, at this point of time we believe that the safety of the network is at risk due to the prolonged outage of 3 validators.

We understand that the NegativeUNL amendment has been extremely helpful in increasing the robustness of the network in times of validator instability, but that is not a replacement for performant and stable validators . Not having updates from validators on whether they are working on fixing issues is not an acceptable situation.

With this in mind, we are removing the validators operated by

  1. Telindus
  2. NTT
  3. Worldlink

Consequently, our list will consist of 34 validators. We have requested other publishers to mirror our list. We will continue to monitor the performance of validators and make changes to our published list as necessary, in order to meet our high standards.