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UNL Update May 2022

We have updated our UNL with the following changes: Additions We have reinstated the the University of Nicosia validator, as their performance issues have been

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Introducing the Token Assessment Framework

Today, the XRP Ledger Foundation launches the initial phase of the Token Assessment Framework, a framework to help provide transparency for investors in an XRP Ledger ecosystem with an increasing amount of issued tokens.

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Update to UNL

The Foundation is making an unscheduled update to the UNL it publishes. While it is not ideal to reduce the numbers of UNL validators, at this point of time we believe that the safety of the network is at risk due to the prolonged outage of 3 validators.

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Status of analysis of Halt on Nov 3, 2021

In the wake of the ledger halt incident on November 3, 2021, the XRPLF committed to publishing a technical report, detailing the issue, identifying the root cause and highlighting any fixes made as well any improvements that could be made.

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The XRPL Ledger Foundation will publish an updated Unique Node List in the near future. In keeping with our commitment to include participants in the ecosystem, we will add 3 very active members of the community.

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XRP Ledger Foundation Launches to Drive Growth and Development of the Core XRP Ledger and Community

The XRP Ledger Foundation, an independent and non-profit entity, today announced its mission to accelerate the development and adoption of the decentralized XRP Ledger. In addition, the XRP Ledger Foundation received an initial donation of over $6.5M from Coil, Ripple and Gatehub to help expand the Foundation’s work and serve the growing number of developers and other community members building on the XRP Ledger.

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