The Foundation Unique Node List

The list consists of various commercial entities, universities and even individual members of the XRP Ledger ecosystem. Our UNL is free from any outside interference and we publish a brief set of guidelines for future inclusion.

Our UNL is located at https://vl.xrplf.org
Public key: ED45D1840EE724BE327ABE9146503D5848EFD5F38B6D5FEDE71E80ACCE5E6E738B

Guidelines for inclusion
  • The validator must be highly available on production grade servers
  • The entity behind the validator must be clearly identified
    • Domain set in manifest
    • A valid TOML file
    • Contact information of operator
  • Active participation in the amendment voting process
    • Update software in a timely manner
    • Response to periodic challenges (ping check!)