Each and every one of you who contribute blood, sweat and tears to make the XRP Ledger what it is today, are part of our team

Dr. Scott Branson
Advisor – Education and social outreach
Scott is a long time member of the XRP Ledger ecosystem, and runs critical infrastructure. As an educator, Scott has been focused on how both academics and students can benefit from the XRP Ledger and develop solutions that go beyond just transactions. Scott leads the various partnerships the Foundation has with Universities.
Bharath Chari
Management Board Member
Bharath brings over 30 years of varied experience to the Foundation. His company also runs critical infrastructure on the XRP Ledger, including default hubs and full history servers. He is focused on creating partnerships that leverage the low energy footprint of the XRP ledger, on a global scale.
Richard Holland
Technical Advisor
A gifted programmer, Richard is the lead contributor to the Hooks amendment under development. Richard is an invaluable resource in troubleshooting various aspects of the XRP Ledger, and adding new features.
Kristjan Jarve
Management Board Member

A partner at Grant Thornton Baltic, Kristjan brings a wealth of knowledge that helps the Foundation. He is instrumental in creating partnerships with universities, NGOs and also helping us drive compliance solutions.

Marko Mägi
Head of Communications

Marko leads all communication initiatives of the Foundation. He is also instrumental in managing our relationships with universities for projects and scholarships.

Dr.-Ing. Getahun Mekuria

Dr.-Ing Getahun has a varied background and expertise. Having handled a wide portfolio as a Minister in the Ethiopian Government in the past (Education, Technology, Science and Innovation), he brings a breadth of knowledge to the Foundation. Having a PhD in Electrical Engineering, means he understands more than others the importance of using energy efficient technologies. Getahun specializes in the Foundation efforts in the African continent.

Nappinai N.S
Advisor – Legal

Nappinai is an Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Bombay High Court, with about 30 years experience and has pioneered development of cyber laws in India. She is a prolific writer, whose articles have been published in leading National and International publications. She has authored a seminal book on cyberlaws titled “Technology Laws Decoded” (in 2017).

Andy Ras-Work
Andy is a serial entrepreneur and also has decades of experience in multiple industries. With a deep understanding of the African and Asian contexts, Andy advises the Foundation on creating meaningful solutions in partnership with governments.
Daniel Siedentopf
Senior Software Developer
Better known as Nixer, Daniel is our resident geek. Always coming up with new solutions that make interaction with the XRP Ledger easier. He has over a decade of experience in creating solutions for the banking sector.
Thomas Silkjaer
Head of Analytics and Compliance

Thomas is a well respected member of the XRP Ledger ecosystem. He has been tireless in his efforts to combat suspicious and fraudulent activity on the XRP Ledger. In his role at the Foundation, Thomas will continue to better the process whereby the XRP Ledger will be the blockchain of choice for users and enterprises alike.

Edward Wilson
Edward helps monitor and manage services that the Foundation runs. Apart from this, as a veteran of the United States military, Edward has a deep interest in using the XRP Ledger to create solutions that benefit not only his fellow veterans, but also the wider context of charitable giving using the XRP Ledger.
Wietse Wind
Management Board Member
Wietse hardly needs any introduction in the XRP Ledger Community. A prolific developer and the Founder of XRPL Labs, Wietse has been instrumental in creating many products, tools and services that are widely used in the ecosystem. Wietse is the guiding force behind many of the technical initiatives undertaken by the Foundation.