Careers 8jKlP-ZRxoQ February 22, 2022

We are always looking for people who have the commitment to better the XRPL

As we expand our operational involvement, we are always looking for people who have the knowledge and commitment to better the XRP Ledger. While we don’t have a “list of openings”, here are some of the areas we’d appreciate help in:

Development of the core XRPL reference implementation (including migration to xrpld).

Design and develop storage and reporting solutions for the XRP Ledger.

Manage servers across all infrastructure run by the Foundation. We mostly use Linux derivatives.
If you like documentation, we have the perfect job for you. You will help constantly refine and add to the documentation at
You will be in charge of managing the packaging pipeline for the reference implementation.
What do we offer?

A very relaxed work environment, without any corporate pressures. Salaries that are comparable with the private sector. A choice of working remote, or at our state of the art office in Tallin, Estonia. The ability to undertake “hobby projects” that leverage and showcase the XRP Ledger.

Note: This job list isn’t exhaustive. If you have an itch to help us in an area that isn’t listed, please do reach out to us at info [at]