XRP Ledger Foundation launches Developer Training Program in India

XRP Ledger Foundation launches Developer Training Program in India

The XRP Ledger Foundation is pleased to officially announce the commencement of our training program in India, in partnership with Ahom Technologies. We acknowledge the significance of having physical facilities to provide training for the exceptional talent present in many countries that could benefit from the technology behind the XRP Ledger. In line with this, we have initiated the first of these centers, and our plans include expanding the program to Africa, beginning with Ethiopia within the next few months.

Our two-step approach comprises “training the trainers” followed by certifying developers who complete the training program. The first phase involves training experienced software developers to become certified trainers, who will then lead the courses for the XRP Ledger Foundation. This ensures that the trainers possess the necessary knowledge and skills to teach and certify new developers effectively.

In the second phase, we offer both full-time and part-time courses for new entrants to the development world, as well as developers seeking to enhance their skills. Employees of software development firms who wish to provide services related to the XRP Ledger can also take part-time courses. All participants who successfully complete the program receive a certification from the XRP Ledger Foundation, which verifies their proficiency in developing applications and services for the XRP Ledger.

Last week, board member Bharath Chari visited the center and interacted with the team, while also presenting certificates to trainees from the first pilot batch. We will be involving the XRP Ledger development community in this initiative to help create course material and take classes, both in person and online.

We are committed to ensuring that our training program provides a platform for talented developers to acquire knowledge and skills in a structured, professional setting. Our goal is to help build a vibrant, inclusive, and diverse XRP Ledger development community, and we are excited to take this first step in India. We will continue to collaborate with partners globally to expand our efforts to train developers and advance the XRP Ledger ecosystem.