Bober XRPL

Bober XRPL February 20, 2024

Bober XRPL

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Basic information

Project name: Bober XRPL
Currency: BOBX (424F425800000000000000000000000000000000)
Issuing account: rUgR4LgX3cLyGoEjjQcfkgP9n1j2wPh7UU
Distribution accounts: rUgR4LgX3cLyGoEjjQcfkgP9n1j2wPh7UU

This is revision number 1, signed February 20, 2024 by rUgR4LgX3cLyGoEjjQcfkgP9n1j2wPh7UU

Description: BOBER has risen rapidly as a new favorite in the meme token arena, outshining well-known tokens like SHIBA, BONK, DOGE, and PEPE. This token sets itself apart with a mix of community involvement, unique token economics, and effective viral marketing, attracting both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and the wider public. Its success has not only propelled its growth in the market but also rejuvenated interest in the capacity of meme tokens for widespread acceptance and impact in the larger crypto ecosystem.

Unique selling points: What makes this token unique, compared to the broader landscape of tokens?

BOBER is strategically positioned to enhance the cryptocurrency ecosystem through a multifaceted approach that emphasizes community engagement, financial democratization, and education. It fosters a vibrant, inclusive community by involving members in governance and rewarding active participation, creating a strong sense of ownership. Aiming to make finance more accessible, BOBER opens up the digital economy to diverse individuals, potentially broadening the benefits of its growth. By demystifying cryptocurrency and blockchain through educational initiatives, it empowers its community with the knowledge necessary for informed participation. Technologically, BOBER focuses on innovation to solve key issues like scalability and interoperability, ensuring a user-friendly experience. It commits to eco-friendly practices, addressing environmental concerns linked to crypto activities and aligning with global sustainability efforts. Beyond speculative value, BOBER works on creating tangible real-world utility through strategic partnerships and service development, enhancing token utility. Lastly, BOBER leverages its platform for social good, supporting charitable causes and promoting positive social impact, demonstrating a holistic approach to growth in the crypto sector.

Purpose: What is the reason for issuing a new token, rather than using an existing? What purpose does this token serve, that is not possible with the native XRP token or other already existing tokens?

The issuance of a new token, as opposed to utilizing existing ones like XRP, is primarily motivated by the desire to tailor tokenomics, governance, and utility to the unique needs and vision of the project. Such tokens enable customized economic models, decentralized decision-making, project-specific rewards, and the ability to raise funds independently. They also offer innovative technological features, foster a strong community identity, and can embody eco-friendly practices. This approach provides projects with the flexibility to innovate and engage their communities in ways that align closely with their specific goals and values, something that might not be possible with pre-existing tokens.

Whitepaper/sales material:

The whitepaper includes concepts of how and when are the tokens created, total supply and if applicable the distribution models and total amount of allocation.

Risk reminder: The issuer has disclosed a warning or a reminder of the risks associated with crypto/tokens.

Bug bounty program: This is not applicable for this token.

Legal Entity

The self-assessment is made on behalf of a legal entity (for example the issuer is a general partnership, limited partnership, private limited company, public limited company, corporation, commercial association or other).


Website information: The website should disclose the following information:
  • Details of the legal entity: official name and registry code, company headquarters mailing address
  • Contact information: e-mail and other contact information
  • Core team members
  • Whitepaper if available

The website contains relevant information.

Business plan: A business plan should entail:
  • the amount of revenue and expenditure by area of activity
  • obligations related to the issuing of the token
  • the technical administration of the company
  • operational strategy
  • the intended activities related to the token
  • general principles of risk management and strategy of risk management
  • policy for the financing of activities.

The issuer has developed a business plan for the next 3 years.

Risk assessment: A risk assessment should include identification of, assessment of impact and likelihood and mitigation measures and status of implementation for applicable risk scenarios.

The issuer has conducted risk assessment and implemented risk management activities.

Internal policies: Critical internal policies are necessary to manage risks.

The issuer has adopted and implemented appropriate internal policies and procedures in the areas of information security, business continuity, risk management and accounting.

Legal requirements: Legal requirements may vary per country and project. It is the responsibility of the legal entity to ensure legal compliance.

The issuer has assessed whether and what legal requirements apply to the project (licenses, jurisdictions, anti-money laundering regulations etc).

Self-assessment revisions
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