Davyd Swortz

Davyd Swortz April 26, 2024

Davyd Swortz

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Basic information

Project name: Davyd Swortz
Currency: SWORTZ (53574F52545A0000000000000000000000000000)
Issuing account: rDaVyD3GWC9zoAqJLgDnHu2TNXTogDTn28

This is revision number 1, signed April 26, 2024 by rDaVyD3GWC9zoAqJLgDnHu2TNXTogDTn28

Description: XULLY is a multi-chain protocol for trading and automated liquidity provision, created by XULLY Labs. Users can provide liquidity on various blockchain protocols and earn rewards, increasing cross-chain pollination.

Unique selling points: What makes this token unique, compared to the broader landscape of tokens?

XULLY stands out in the blockchain space with its multi-chain protocol that enhances trading and automated liquidity provision. Created by XULLY Labs, this platform allows users to seamlessly provide liquidity across various blockchain protocols, tapping into a broader market and ensuring higher transaction efficiency. A key feature of XULLY is its ability to increase cross-chain pollination, which facilitates better asset diversity and improved liquidity options for users. Additionally, participants can earn significant rewards by contributing to liquidity pools,

Purpose: What is the reason for issuing a new token, rather than using an existing? What purpose does this token serve, that is not possible with the native XRP token or other already existing tokens?

Issuing a new token instead of using an existing one like XRP can offer several advantages including customization and control over tokenomics, the introduction of enhanced functionalities specific to the project, and the creation of a dedicated ecosystem. New tokens can also enable decentralized governance, allowing stakeholders to participate actively in decision-making. Furthermore, issuing a new token can be an effective fundraising tool and help in distinguishing the platform in a competitive market. These strategic benefits make new tokens appealing for projects aiming to leverage blockchain technology tailored to their unique requirements.

Whitepaper/sales material: https://xully-whitepaper.gitbook.io/whitepaper

The whitepaper includes concepts of how and when are the tokens created, total supply and if applicable the distribution models and total amount of allocation.

Risk reminder: The issuer has disclosed a warning or a reminder of the risks associated with crypto/tokens.

Bug bounty program: This is not applicable for this token.

Sovereign Entity

The self-assessment is made by a soverign entity (i.e. not a legal entity, such as a general partnership, limited partnership, private limited company, public limited company, corporation, commercial association or other).

Website: https://xully.org

Website information: The website should disclose the following information:
  • Contact information: e-mail and other contact information
  • Core team members
  • Whitepaper if available

The website contains relevant information.

Legal requirements: Legal requirements may vary per country and project. It is the responsibility of the legal entity to ensure legal compliance.

The issuer has assessed whether and what legal requirements apply to the project (licenses, jurisdictions, anti-money laundering regulations etc).

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