XRbitcoincash September 3, 2022


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Basic information

Project name: XRbitcoincash
Currency: XRbitcoincash (5852626974636F696E6361736800000000000000)
Issuing account: rEjwniYhYR5QDZzK1a1x2359j8j8N43Ypw
Distribution accounts: rBiTCoiNCfdWqnAEiGeVBZWE3rsXJ62L6S, rED7fJm5i2gJ6ZqF3madgu7rsubnhxdr8x, rFsuBbSV5yyS3zmFyi5ibF4gZSZfb6Ywp

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Description: XRbitcoin Is a support token on the XRPL. (alt coin)
Our project is being used to promote Community made NFTs by artist in developing counties and other community members . Our website has a community gallery in which we place public XRPL nfts for viewing with links for sale. we them pay the artist as the art sells with XRP. Some of these artist would not be able to use the ledger if not for what we are attempting to do . We are promoting digital artist from hard to access places. Our website is found on the google search engine some of the nft projects we work with would not be searchable if not for the XRBC gallery.

Unique selling points: What makes this token unique, compared to the broader landscape of tokens?

Our NFT gallery is helping artist that would otherwise not be able to access the XRPL and our token is linked to the stable coin XRP with a standing buy order larger then the circulating supply. We are being very carful about how we distribute our tokens as we want to be compliant with any upcoming regulatory frame work our # 1 goal is maintaining the integrity of out token so we can serve the leger for decades to come.

Purpose: What is the reason for issuing a new token, rather than using an existing? What purpose does this token serve, that is not possible with the native XRP token or other already existing tokens?

We created this token as a supportive token to XRP and other tokens on the leger We believe in strength in numbers. We are willing to go down with the ship if it comes to that. we are also a collectable option that is linked the XRP with a standing buy order larger then the circulating supply insuring liquidity . We also act as a charity/Art community supporter as explained before. We hope to be a part of XRP and Ripple Labs changing the face of the global finical system because it needs to happen.

Whitepaper/sales material: https://www.xrbitcoincash.com/white-paper

The whitepaper does not include concepts of how and when are the tokens created, total supply and if applicable the distribution models and total amount of allocation.

Risk reminder: The issuer has disclosed a warning or a reminder of the risks associated with crypto/tokens.

Bug bounty program: The issuer does not have a bug bounty program.

Sovereign Entity

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Website: https://www.xrbitcoincash.com/

Website information: The website should disclose the following information:
  • Contact information: e-mail and other contact information
  • Core team members
  • Whitepaper if available

The website contains relevant information.

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