Cloud9ine July 8, 2023


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Basic information

Project name: Cloud9ine
Currency: CLC (CLC)
Issuing account: r3XQspZ5jem9cQjxotdum5W1dQJ2h61Rcd
Distribution accounts: rLP7mkuSpnvjEarwVVTNrhJwJBSmGQYe1w

This is revision number 1, signed July 8, 2023 by r3XQspZ5jem9cQjxotdum5W1dQJ2h61Rcd

Description: Our project aims to revolutionize the way people shop and experience e-commerce by combining virtual reality (VR) with real-world integration. Our virtual reality shopping platform provides a cutting-edge, immersive environment where users can browse, interact, and purchase virtual goods using our native token.

Through our platform, users can explore a vibrant and visually stunning virtual world, filled with diverse virtual stores offering a wide range of products and experiences. Our token serves as the native currency within the VR ecosystem, enabling seamless transactions, secure payments, and ownership verification.

What sets us apart is our unique integration of real-world delivery services. Users can not only purchase virtual goods but also have them delivered to their doorstep in the physical world. We have partnered with established logistics providers to ensure efficient and reliable delivery of products purchased within our virtual reality platform.

With our project, we aim to provide an unparalleled shopping experience, bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. Our innovative VR platform, combined with real-world delivery integration, offers users the convenience of online shopping alongside the immersive engagement of virtual reality. Join us as we redefine the future of e-commerce and revolutionize the way people shop, interact, and experience the world of virtual reality.

Unique selling points: What makes this token unique, compared to the broader landscape of tokens?

Seamless Integration of Virtual Reality and Real-World Delivery: Cloud9ine token offers a unique value proposition by seamlessly integrating the immersive power of virtual reality (VR) with real-world delivery services. This integration enables users to explore virtual stores, interact with products, and make purchases within a captivating VR environment, while also having the selected products delivered to their doorstep in the physical world. The combination of VR and real-world integration sets Cloud9ine apart from other tokens and provides users with a holistic and immersive shopping experience.

Enhanced Shopping Experience: Cloud9ine token is designed to enhance the shopping experience for users. By leveraging VR technology, users can engage with products in a lifelike manner, experiencing their scale, texture, and appearance before making a purchase. The integration of real-world delivery services ensures that users can seamlessly transition from the virtual to the physical world, adding tangibility and convenience to their shopping journey. This enhanced experience sets Cloud9ine apart, making it an attractive choice for users seeking a more interactive and satisfying shopping experience.

Personalization and Recommendations: Cloud9ine token leverages AI-driven algorithms and user preferences to offer personalized recommendations within the virtual reality shopping platform. By understanding user interests, browsing history, and behavior, Cloud9ine can curate tailored product suggestions, helping users discover new items that align with their preferences. This personalized approach enhances the user experience, ensuring that users are presented with relevant and engaging options, distinguishing Cloud9ine from tokens that lack this level of customization.

Trust and Security: Cloud9ine prioritizes trust and security within its ecosystem. With the implementation of blockchain technology, Cloud9ine ensures transparent and immutable records of transactions and ownership, enhancing trust and authenticity. Additionally, robust security measures safeguard user data, transactions, and virtual assets, ensuring the utmost privacy and protection. The focus on trust and security differentiates Cloud9ine, providing users with confidence and peace of mind.

By combining seamless VR and real-world integration, an enhanced shopping experience, personalized recommendations, and a strong emphasis on trust and security, Cloud9ine stands out as a unique token within the broader landscape. These unique selling points position Cloud9ine as a compelling choice for users seeking an immersive, personalized, and secure virtual reality shopping experience.

Purpose: What is the reason for issuing a new token, rather than using an existing? What purpose does this token serve, that is not possible with the native XRP token or other already existing tokens?

The purpose of issuing the Cloud9ine token is to create a specialized token that is uniquely tailored to the virtual reality shopping ecosystem with real-world integration. While existing tokens like XRP have their own merits and serve specific purposes within their respective ecosystems, Cloud9ine token brings several distinct advantages and functionalities that are specifically designed to enhance the virtual reality shopping experience.

Integration with Virtual Reality Shopping: Cloud9ine token is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with the virtual reality shopping platform, providing users with a dedicated token that aligns with the specific needs and functionalities of the ecosystem. This specialized token ensures smooth transactions, rewards, and access to premium features within the virtual reality shopping environment, optimizing the user experience and facilitating a vibrant and engaging ecosystem.

Native Support for Real-World Integration: Cloud9ine token natively supports the integration of real-world delivery services. By utilizing the Cloud9ine token, users can seamlessly bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, making purchases within the virtual reality platform and having the selected products delivered to their physical doorstep. This native support for real-world integration distinguishes Cloud9ine from other tokens and streamlines the entire shopping experience for users.

Tailored Tokenomics: Cloud9ine token features tokenomics that are specifically designed to align with the dynamics and requirements of the virtual reality shopping ecosystem. The tokenomics of Cloud9ine token can be customized to incentivize user engagement, stimulate adoption, and ensure a healthy and sustainable economy within the platform. This tailored approach ensures that the Cloud9ine token serves the unique needs of the virtual reality shopping experience, creating an ecosystem that thrives on user participation and transactional efficiency.

Enhanced User Engagement and Rewards: Cloud9ine token provides a means to enhance user engagement and rewards within the virtual reality shopping platform. By utilizing Cloud9ine token, users can access premium features, receive exclusive discounts, and earn rewards for their participation, referrals, and contributions. This creates a vibrant and interactive community, fostering a sense of loyalty and incentivizing active engagement within the ecosystem.

While existing tokens like XRP may have their own use cases and functionalities, the issuance of Cloud9ine token serves a distinct purpose by catering specifically to the virtual reality shopping ecosystem with real-world integration. By focusing on the unique requirements and opportunities within this domain, Cloud9ine token offers a tailored solution that optimizes the virtual reality shopping experience, streamlines transactions, and drives user engagement in ways that other tokens may not provide.

Whitepaper/sales material:

The whitepaper includes concepts of how and when are the tokens created, total supply and if applicable the distribution models and total amount of allocation.

Risk reminder: The issuer has disclosed a warning or a reminder of the risks associated with crypto/tokens.

Bug bounty program: This is not applicable for this token.

Legal Entity

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  • Contact information: e-mail and other contact information
  • Core team members
  • Whitepaper if available

The website contains relevant information.

Business plan: A business plan should entail:
  • the amount of revenue and expenditure by area of activity
  • obligations related to the issuing of the token
  • the technical administration of the company
  • operational strategy
  • the intended activities related to the token
  • general principles of risk management and strategy of risk management
  • policy for the financing of activities.

The issuer has developed a business plan for the next 3 years.

Risk assessment: A risk assessment should include identification of, assessment of impact and likelihood and mitigation measures and status of implementation for applicable risk scenarios.

The issuer has conducted risk assessment and implemented risk management activities.

Internal policies: Critical internal policies are necessary to manage risks.

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The issuer has assessed whether and what legal requirements apply to the project (licenses, jurisdictions, anti-money laundering regulations etc).

Self-assessment revisions
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