ERM October 30, 2022


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Basic information

Project name: ERM
Currency: ERM (ERM)
Issuing account: rhqsmPSyY67pnbKgzyQvLAZmcBiMsMd8gF
Distribution accounts: rssHgnnQSiYEirijxhGNY9RrxQyvff1D6j, rNS48yYAJZVqg7WnDMfuMBKd2Zx3WUmFzS, rJcVpS4kbEvxNM37wBTF68EsEGyh4Vtuez, rhjHhhkkJdRRXcE8hKf9xc45qfDhJu5bnY

This is revision number 1, signed October 30, 2022 by rssHgnnQSiYEirijxhGNY9RrxQyvff1D6j

Description: ERM Token is a "special re-purpose" XRPL token with a limited supply of 1,000,000 total tokens. Its re-purpose the discount points, gift points, and bonus points into crypto token version (Tokenization of discount points), thus allowing retailers and customer to use one token for bonus point redemption at participating retailers.

While traditional bonus points only reserved to be used within certain issuer ecosystem, this token have the potential to allow customer to trade the token (bonus points received from retail transactions), and if the price increase, it carries more redemption values.

Our vision is to prepare the community and business for the future xrpl based ecosystem. Our mission is to provide alternative to the bonus point system for the retailers and customers based on xrpl ecosystem.

Unique selling points: What makes this token unique, compared to the broader landscape of tokens?

This token will be sold to and used by retailers, thus allowing buyback and stabilized the price at floor price. As a bonus points token, it carries higher redemption values as it can be tradable. This will improve retailer sale and buy as the discounts/bonus points become more interesting.

Purpose: What is the reason for issuing a new token, rather than using an existing? What purpose does this token serve, that is not possible with the native XRP token or other already existing tokens?

The narrative of this token was planned at the early phase of issuing it, thus allow a credible "branding". It is not marketed as 'meme' token yet being marketed as one of the tokens that have legit used case. Token branding is important as much as the value of trust.

There is no link to a whitepaper or sales material.

Risk reminder: The issuer has disclosed a warning or a reminder of the risks associated with crypto/tokens.

Bug bounty program: This is not applicable for this token.

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  • Core team members
  • Whitepaper if available

The website contains relevant information.

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