OpenEgg February 1, 2023


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Basic information

Project name: OpenEgg
Currency: OVO (OVO)
Issuing account: r3jQzqfGVagsWNbSxMJpQV8VK7jHHmdv5j
Distribution accounts: r3jQzqfGVagsWNbSxMJpQV8VK7jHHmdv5j, r9iMcYbrReQJJY9wLGhMQZ3JG8FD6ZbHwk, rbc8gNYBddxHSYH7xuQntTuzRfL6NNyGA, r3p7aPjppvVyXA17iw6S7YuHDVtyBLs5QU, ropeneggoRxjNSqD5jguKqbCiBDzpM9Xk, rHXF6xSu8YmA8kZE1whnfcZ5z8aTwkMF1k

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Description: The OpenEgg plan is to build from the ground up, developing our project on a step by step basis, using the funds generated from our NFT sales to continue our journey.

This ensures we create a sustainable project and steady growth for $OVO holders with no further large $OVO distributions to come. We aren’t using $OVO to raise funds or reward, we are simply using it as our utility token of choice and in turn that should see a huge demand for $OVO.

We have outlined a 4 stage plan for 2023 which will enable $OVO to become fully decentralised, deflationary, utilised asset and above all bring in value to the XRPL

This will then enable our OVOcode development which is a umbrella name for a series of OVOschemes, OVOcredits and OVOcodes. Which are all names of sustainable profitable business models we will be bringing to market at varying stages.

We have only mentioned OVOcode briefly before but in short we aim to be a Web3 NFT groupon/discount code hub, harnessing the power of NFTs and the ledger to allow low cost services for businesses to easily utilise NFTs in their daily lives.

OVOschemes will be a series of onboarding solutions where NFTs are used as contractual agreements for transparency. Where we act as the engine room for businesses, artists, musicians, authors and projects looking for a stepping stone into the NFT space.

Using OVOscheme NFT, we will be providing the NFTs for that and aiding in their wallet creation and all on the XRPL which fits brilliantly with our mission of opening virtual ownership. This is also when we are due to create a Ltd company and onboard personnel to help with this increased workload, due to OpenEgg expanding into the NFT services during the course of 2023.

All profits from our OVOcode developments will be recycled into our $OVO ecosystem as described in our NFT sale allocation, therefore creating a profitable, sustainable and rewarding project where $OVO and NFTs are at the very forefront of our plans

Opening Virtual Ownership

Unique selling points: What makes this token unique, compared to the broader landscape of tokens?

Built from the ground up with real business connections and problem solved solutions that will be developed in conjunction with our 4 stage plan for 2023


Purpose: What is the reason for issuing a new token, rather than using an existing? What purpose does this token serve, that is not possible with the native XRP token or other already existing tokens?

On our journey to create a lower barrier to entry to unlock our utilised NFTs.

While on that joining utilising $OVO to incentivise XRPL integration and onboarding through our 4 stage development and then moving $OVO into a reward based holding from our OVOcode developments

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