WildByDesign September 30, 2023


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Basic information

Project name: WildByDesign
Currency: WBD (WBD)
Issuing account: rwUd13YSv6QPR8uqLipZPXfbtAsTsCJgDg
Distribution accounts: rsANVEDyzACg7ffYesf3MdCg5bcq2vXkn2

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Description: WildByDesign is a pioneering initiative built on the
XRP Ledger, aiming to revolutionize the way
charities connect with the Web3 ecosystem. At the
heart of this venture is the WBD token, a digital
asset with a fixed supply of 100 billion. The integrity
of the token is ensured with its issuer account being
guaranteeing no additional issuance.
WildByDesign's mission is to serve as the bridge
that seamlessly connects charities to the Web3
world. Through our platform, we aim to introduce
innovative experiences and products to the XRP
Ledger, all while championing a noble cause.
Our vision for WildByDesign is to cultivate an
ecosystem centered around the WBD token. We
envision a global community, united by their
passion for animals, engaging in new experiences
made possible by our platform. Every transaction,
every swap to WBD, is more than just a digital
exchange; it's a step towards building a
sustainable income stream for charities
worldwide. These charities, in turn, work tirelessly
to ensure animals have a safe and thriving
environment. With WildByDesign, every token
holder becomes a part of a larger mission, making
a difference in the lives of countless animals.

Unique selling points: What makes this token unique, compared to the broader landscape of tokens?

In the face of the challenges that charities encounter in
the Web3 space, WildByDesign presents a suite of
solutions tailored to address each concern. Our
approach is holistic, ensuring that charities not only gain
access to the digital realm but also thrive within it.

Bridging the Gap: We will provide charities with a
seamless entry into the Web3 space. Through our
forthcoming platform, they will be able to tap into a
new realm of fundraising, awareness, and community
engagement without the technical hurdles.

The WBD Ecosystem: Beyond just a token, the WBD
ecosystem will offer a range of products tailored for
both charities and the broader community. From our
unique NFT marketplace, where charities will be able
to launch campaigns and reach a new audience, to
NFT-based games and exclusive merchandise, we
will provide avenues for engagement like never

Building Trust: With our core values of transparency
and integrity, we will ensure that charities can
operate in the Web3 space with confidence. Our
platform's transparent operations, combined with
the security of the XRP Ledger, will ensure that
charities can focus on their mission without concerns
about digital transactions

Empowering Through Education: Recognizing the
steep learning curve associated with blockchain
technology, WildByDesign will aim to offer
comprehensive educational resources and
workshops, specifically tailored for non-profits. From
elucidating the basics of cryptocurrencies to
facilitating mastery over advanced blockchain
concepts, our platform will be designed to ensure
that charities are adeptly navigated through the
digital landscape. We will strive to demystify Web3,
empowering organizations to harness its full
potential and drive impactful innovation.

Sustainable Growth and Scalability: As the digital
realm perpetually evolves, it becomes imperative for
charities to have a platform that can adeptly adapt
and scale alongside their needs. WildByDesign will
be constructed with a keen focus on scalability,
ensuring that as charities burgeon their digital
presence, they will not be constrained by technical
limitations. Moreover, our commitment to
sustainability will ensure that as charities amplify
their reach in the Web3 space, they will do so in an
environmentally-conscious manner, aligning with
global sustainability goals and fortifying their
commitment to a prosperous future

Community-Centric Approach: Central to any
successful Web3 initiative is a robust and engaged
community. WildByDesign will place a pivotal
emphasis on community-building, nurturing a space
where charities, donors, and enthusiasts can
converge, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.
Through regular community events, feedback
sessions, and interactive forums, we will ensure that
every voice is not only heard but valued. This
community-centric approach will not only fortify the
bond between charities and their supporters but also
drive innovation, as diverse perspectives
amalgamate to shape the future of the WBD

Purpose: What is the reason for issuing a new token, rather than using an existing? What purpose does this token serve, that is not possible with the native XRP token or other already existing tokens?

The issuance of the WBD token is rooted in our desire to create a dedicated and bespoke ecosystem that directly aligns with the mission and values of WildByDesign. While XRP and other existing tokens offer robust utility within their respective networks, WBD is crafted to serve as the linchpin within our unique platform, ensuring that every transaction, interaction, and development directly contributes to our overarching goal of bridging charities with the Web3 space. WBD is not merely a transactional token; it's a symbol of participation and support for a cause, enabling holders to be active contributors to our mission of supporting animal welfare initiatives. By having a dedicated token, we can seamlessly integrate our range of offerings, from the NFT marketplace to exclusive merchandise, ensuring that the entire WBD ecosystem is harmoniously interconnected, thereby providing a tailored experience for our community and charity partners alike.

Whitepaper/sales material: https://storage.wildbydesignx.com/WildByDesign-Whitepaper-V1.pdf

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